On a bright sunny afternoon on March 3, 2012, Heval Vaani, the community radio station at Chamba, Uttarakhand began its test transmission.  The radiant blue sky of Shivalik Himalaya reflected the joy of community members who had been waiting for this moment for as long as three years.

At the crack of dawn when Nomad team began its day's job of installing transmission system for Heval Vaani, it was evident that they had nothing to do. The community members were there to take up every piece of work in a true Do It Yourself spirit. Amarjit called office to say "I ma having the most relaxing time here... it really feels like a vacation".

Heval Vaani community members who had been resiliently waiting for so long were began celebration by distributing sweets. When his radio tuned into the frequency he broke into tears of joy.