Nomad believes that community radio station can run only if the community members imbibe the spirit of DIY (Do It Yourself) in al aspect of running the station including the technology. Nomad transmission system is designed in such a way that anyone with a bit of common sense and very basic tools can install the system.  We actively encourage community members to install Nomad system themselves while we continuously provide remote support. We are in the process of preparing various video tutorials to guide community members in the installation process.

We have noticed that well installed transmitter can give a trouble free operation for years.  While we encourage DIY we caution communities against doing things without knowing. Use Nomad and other resources to build your capacity and install your transmitter with understanding. We are there to support you.




However, in some cases where we feel it is necessary to physically help community group in installation we do send our team for the job. But we do charge a fee which may range from 30 to 40 per cent depending on the location and effort and cost involved in travelling.