Radio On Cloud

Nomad introduces "Radio In Cloud environment", a concept that will redefine the community media in days to come. In collaboration with Sourcefabric, a not for profit organisation based in Czech Repubulic, Nomad offers comprehensive service to install, operate and share knowledge of a revolutionary open source platform called Airtime,

With Airtime community radio stations can collaborate with each other or with other community media groups on a realtime bases to create radio shows. All they need is simple computer with browser and internet connection.

In addition, the community groups can avail cloud based sound recording and editing facility with Myna. This means that community radio or groups no longer need to buy expensive sound equipment and worry about maintaining them.


Airtime allows you to control your radio station and scheduled playout over the internet through any web browser. Manage your audio archive, upload files, construct playlists, create shows, edit the Programme Calendar, and cue playout. All through the web.

Airtime’s scheduled playout instantly improves your automated shifts. Take audio, add to playlists and then use these in any combination to create shows. You can record any show and then automatically set a date and time for up to ten rebroadcasts.

Airtime uses Liquidsoap as a streamer. That means greater stability plus crossfading, fade in and out and the ability to set cue in and cue out points within individual files, all with sub-second precision. It will mean a lot more in the near future too, regarding new streaming and auto-archiving features.

Airtime allows you to stream directly to an Icecast or SHOUTcast server, via mp3 or Ogg Vorbis without requiring a soundcard or mixer.