Education Technology


The days of school without walls are here. Nomad works with communities and schools to develop systems for implementing open education resources and Learning Management Systems in the open source architecture.

As the digitalisation engulfing the education, there is an urgent need to ensure  that the forces for commodification of education don't have a free run. Open Education Resources and Open Source Learning Management Systems provide much needed avenue to further the goals of Open Education which is accessible to all. Nomad has been working in the Learning Management System, especially Moodle

However, in the underdeveloped parts of the world where schooling system are struggling against mediocrity and fighting for very basic survival, it is difficult to expect the schools to evolve with  the time and adapt to the technology environment. Nomad works with such schools and institutions to help them adapting to the changes.

For institutions and shcools Nomad can provide following services:

  • Configuration of Learning Management System
  • Provide Hosted Solutions
  • Train teachers to be digitally equipped to be effective in an online environment
  • Manage Online courses