Broadcast Solutions


We provide end-to-end solution for community and commercial FM Transmission. If you are looking for a cost effective broadcast solutions, Nomad would be your best choice.

From FM transmitters, antenna systems and studio equipment to Radio on Cloud, streaming media and radio automation, we offer a wide range of products and services for the modern transmission industry. Nomad professionals are well trained in understanding various situation and tailor solutions accordingly. We have been part of many community driven radio project supported by UNESCO and UNICEF and several other civil society groups and Non Governmental Organisation


NIN100, a 50 Watt FM Transmitter has a very high specification and is more than a match in technical quality to any professional FM transmitters on the market at much higher prices. This is the most widely used transmitter in the community radio sector of India, Bhutan and Malawi. NIN100 uses 1 W PLL drive to produce upto rock steady 50W. The nine element low pass filter has been used to keep spurious and harmonics within the EU/ International specification. NIN100 is possibly the only transmitter manufactured in India that has undergone vigorous testing in government laboratory and has been certified to be adhering to ITU-R standards.

 This unit is designed with high reliability in mind. NIN100 uses high gauge aluminium cabinet with oversize heat sink and high CFM fans for better temperature management.  Installation of NIN100 does not require expensive test equipment. A high gain stacked dipole antenna with CNT400 cable it is very easy to achieve 100 W EIRP.


Our stacked dipole antenna is a broadband antenna system with 3.8 dBi gain. Mount the antenna as per the design provided and you can plugin any transmitter operating on FM band. You don't need to tune antenna to operate on any frequency.  We also distribute equipment manufactured by Aareff Transmission System, formerly Veronica. The large variety of broadcast  equipment manufactured by Aareff have been widely used across the world in the community media sector and small size commercial broadcasting.


We are also the distributor for globally renowned Aareff Transmission Systems. Under  the Aareff umbrella we have a wide range of transmission product. From 500 MW ERP to 24KW ERP systems are available with us. We also provide installation and after sales service for Aareff products. Have look at the complete list of Aareff Products