Broadcast Studio

Broadcast Studio



Studio equipment are ever evolving and there is no one "right solution" for community radio stations. The price range is also very from a couple of thousand ruppees to a couple of hundred thousands. At Nomad we do not recommend brands even though we do a lot of testing of various sound equipment like mixing consle, mikes, studio monitors, ADA converter (Sound Cards) etc in our laboratory.

We can choose appropriate equipment for you if we know the pattern of your usage. We would like to know what kind of sound do you intend to record/broadcast, how much of live broadcasting you plan to do, what is the skill level of your team etc. You can discuss your requirement at length with us and we can give some suggestions. Still better if you can visit our laboratory then you can have hands on experience with some of the equipment we own.

One of the mistakes that is commonly made by people is to use desktop computers for sound application. All desktop computers generally available in the market, branded as well as non-branded, are meant for use other than sould application. As a result no attention is paid to Electro  Megnatic Interferance or EMI, which is generated thorugh electronic circuits and even the SMPS. Computers meant for sound application is rarely available in Indian market.

At Nomad we have designed Master Broadcast Unit and Master Recording Unit for using as broadcast and recording machine respectively. These machines are slightly more expensive than normal computers but they are reliable, powerful, rugged and very very low on EMI. Some of the machines we installd five years ago are still in operation without any hick ups.

Follwoign are the standard features:

  • Built on a advanced indsutrial central processing unit, with top of the line AMD processor.
  • Matching Random Access Memory moduld of 4 GB.
  • Heavy duty specially designed power supply for reliable performance.
  • Well ventilated design for trouble free operations in difficult environment.
  • High level of redundancy factor.
  • Time tested configuration for sound applications with complete elemation of electro-magantic noise.
  • Dual screen configuration for multiple applicaton and wide editline.
  • Choice of open source or commercial OS environement.
  • Advance surface cotrol integration
  • Choice of non-linier Sound Editing solution to suit your likes and requirement.
  • Professional compressor and mastering facilities.