Nomad invites community radio practitioners,  radio buffs, technology enthusiasts and others to its Laboratory to spend time understanding and working hands on with RF technology and equipment.  With the aim of building a critical group of RF Engineers,  that could work in the CR sector, we are offering a 5 day Barefoot RF Engineers Training at our Laboratory in Dahanu, Maharashtra.

The 5 day Training will include:

1.Basic Electricity and Concepts of Electronics

2.An understanding of RF transmission systems with a special focus on Community Radio Systems.
This will include an understanding of the components in a transmitter and basic maintenance and troubleshooting.

3.Complete understanding of antenna systems
This will include technical explanations and logic of the function and role of antennas with regard to the reach of the CRS.

The studio if fully equipped with the necessary RF tools and equipment and trainees will be encouraged to spend hands on time experimenting and becoming comfortable with RF. The training hopes to cultivate a group of radio enthusiasts excited, curious and uninhibited  with RF technology ready to run their CRS. In addition, the trainees would also be trained in basic installation and repair of the transmission systems and could offer their services to other CRS in their regions.  An optional RF kit (at additional cost) comprising of essential RF  tools for installation and repair will be available at the Training.

There are no fixed dates for training and groups are requested to book and register their five days slots in advance as required.


Training: Rs. 5000 for 5 days
Food and Accommodation: Rs. 850 per day per person
Optional RF Kit: Rs. 9500/-


Alternatively, you can invite a Nomad activist at your location to train your community members. In that case you will have to pay for travel, lodging and boarding of the trainer in addition to the per day remuneration of Rs 5000.